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Bill Barnes’ Second Life
The Magazine Collector

According to Will Murray’s “Pulp Superhero Index,” Bill Barnes lived on after his superhero life in the pages of Air Trails. Bill Barnes was dropped from Air Trails in 1939, the same year that Street & Smith brought out its successful Avenger title. Barnes was resurrected later that year in the popular Doc Savage pulp adventures.

Bill Barnes’ “Silver Lancer” Flies

The PD-02 “Silver Lancer” that Bill Barnes flew is available as a model airplane kit. But, more relevant to our website is the Easy Built site that features historic photos, books, and articles about model and full-size aviation. I especially enjoyed the vintage photos!

Maybe Dave and Ann can share some of these images with our Gallery page.

An Excellent Index
Mark C

"The Fiction Magazine Index" is a good online resource for information on a number of classic aviation magazines, including Bill Barnes Air Adventurer, and Bill Barnes Air Trails.

If you get navigationally disoriented, go to the Table of Contents at:
But Wait…There’s More

I think I stumbled upon more of “The Fiction Magazine Index” about which I previously posted. These index pages seem somewhat the same,
but yet different:



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