Friday, March 11, 2011

Online Magazine Dealer Marketplace

Connecting buyers/sellers, and collectors with other collectors of model aviation periodicals and collectable modeling paraphernalia…that’s what The Magazine Collector online community is all about.

Welcome to The Magazine Collector!
Sellers of scarce and rare aviation magazines (as well as books and aviation paraphernalia) are the lifeblood of The Magazine Collector website. As an online community of aviation magazine collectors, this website’s users rely on dealers like you to meet the demands collectors have in growing their holdings. For retailers like you, its targeted audience differentiates this website from others promoting the buying and selling of aviation magazines.

The site is designed to provide not just visibility for magazine purveyors, but to offer web pages like our Buy/Sell, where both buyers and sellers have an open marketplace. Further, both the Forum and Resources pages give you a place to showcase your expertise and know-how to our collector audience. That aviation audience encompasses a wide range of enthusiasts, from pilots and aviation associations, to modelers and museums/libraries. It can be said that if it has to do with “Things With Wings,” our The Magazine Collector community has something to offer. More importantly, we solicit new members through aggressive ongoing marketing campaigns. Frequent press releases and e-mail blasts also contribute to increasing our online traffic through site visibility and awareness.

A No-Fees Marketplace
From a business perspective, using our online presence as part of your marketing/sales strategy is straightforward. There are no fees at all. You post your own promotional content and manage it yourself on the Buy/Sell and Forum pages. Photos and images are allowed. You can link to and from your website, too. You can publish to other pages, including posting your own guest blogs! We even provide a detailed how-to Member User Manual to help you get started.  

Our founder is an acknowledged rare books and periodicals collector. Also, being a retired aviation publisher and editor also helps keep The Magazine Collector focused.

Spend a few minutes becoming familiar with this site. Except for the members-only Buy/Sell and Forum pages, the entire site is open to the public and searched by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

You can help make this site prosper as a collectables marketplace by signing up as a member.

Members and Non-Members Welcome
Membership is FREE, and by joining you get to:
·         Buy and sell magazines and aviation paraphernalia on the Buy/Sell page
o   Includes a free e-mail blast promoting your offering
·         Engage other members on the discussion Forum page
·         Post your own guest blogs
·         Contribute to the Resources page
·         Submit photos and images to the Gallery page

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You don’t necessarily have to become a member of The Magazine Collector community to get access to and use of this website. Non-members can:
·         Access all web pages, except members-only Forum and Buy/Sell
·         Pose questions on the Q&A page
·         Get advance e-mail notification of the latest happenings at The Magazine Collector

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