Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like Magazine Collectors, Aircraft Restorers Preserve History

Restoring a vintage aircraft captures the quintessence of what The Magazine Collector is all about.

Welcome Aircraft Restorers!
If there are magicians of aviation, they are the vintage aircraft restorers. Without these professionals, museums would disappear. Air shows would be boring displays of contemporary mass-produced planes. Young Eagles would be deprived of seeing the grandeur of a real vintage airplane. Ironically, photos in the magazines our collector-members archive and preserve would be as close as anyone would ever come to actually experiencing most vintage planes, were it not for the magic that the restorers perform.

The Magazine Collector website supports aircraft restorers, and would like to be an online showplace where the restoration magicians display their magic. Photos, videos, and text depicting a restoration would reveal the technological, aeronautical, and fabrication expertise that goes into either a static-display or flying machine.

A Portal to “Things With Wings”
The Magazine Collector website is a portal to fulfilling your innate fantasies of flight. Our site supports a community of people like you who love “Things With Wings.” Not only are our members pilots, aircraft owners, fabricators of homebuilts, aircraft restorers, members of flying clubs, air show enthusiasts, etc., they are preservers of that spark inside us all that fuels and keeps our imaginations flying high.

Our founder is an acknowledged rare books and periodicals collector. Also, being a retired aviation publisher and editor also helps keep The Magazine Collector focused.

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