Thursday, March 10, 2011

Press Release -- Aircraft Never Built Now Take Wing Online

This press release was issued on 11 March 2011.
Admin (The Magazine Collector)

Golden Age of Aviation concept planes come to life again at
The Magazine Collector, a new online community.

What does it feel like to fly a high-performance fighter plane that never went beyond the concept stage? Those who had that experience did so as armchair aviators in the mid-1920s to the late ‘30s. They were at the controls of futuristic flying machines engaging in dogfights against advanced-design enemy aircraft. All they had to do was read the aviation adventure novels published in 10¢ pulp fiction magazines.

Each issue featured aircraft that were created in the minds of the most talented aviation artists of the day. These sleek concept planes were so futuristic that they could never have been built with the technologies of those days, yet many of them have since been proven flight worthy when built as flying models.

Those same adventurous experiences of flight are alive today on a new website dedicated to preserving those vintage aviation publications. The Magazine Collector ( is a social network for an aviation community that focuses on collecting titles such as Bill Barnes Air Adventures and Air Trails that captured the experience of flight in the pre-WWII era.

About The Magazine Collector
Members of the site’s community have interests beyond collecting aviation magazines. They may build their own airplanes (or build models) and share their aircraft and flight adventures. The website is a platform for those interested in aviation:  librarians, museum curators, magazine sellers, aviation historians, and just about anyone else who wants to contribute, or simply enjoy what’s there. The website is public, membership is free, and non-members are always welcome.

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