Friday, March 11, 2011

Magazine Publishers Are Members, Too

The Magazine Collector online community networks magazine collectors and aviation publishers of both online and print periodicals.

The history of magazine publishing – especially aviation periodicals -- is a topic that members of The Magazine Collector online community consider a priority. Our founder’s background as a retired aviation author and magazine publisher/editor, as well as an acknowledged rare periodicals collector, keeps The Magazine Collector website focused on the publishing side of the membership’s magazine collections.

A savvy magazine collector always looks into the publishing side of the periodicals in his/her holdings. Information about publisher Street & Smith, for example, is integral to any collector holding copies of Air Trails. This and other pulp classics of the pre-WWII “Golden Age of Publishing” were produced by the longest-extant publisher in history (1855 – 1959). How every issue went from raw content to distribution is, in itself, a fascinating story of publishing innovation and survival.

Whether you publish online or in print, our site’s membership is likely your target readership. Our members are aviation buffs first, and are collectors as a hobby or avocation. Your participation in our online community would bring value to you and our networked community of magazine collectors. Our user-friendly sight provides you with a number of resources, such as our open-discussion Forum page, and the Resources page. You can even post your own guest blogs!

Want to pitch your subscription promos or back issues/archives? Use our Buy/Sell page to get the attention of our universe of magazine collectors. Our website is open to the public, and we provide non-members access to many of the web pages.

You can help make this site prosper as an publication-lovers’ portal by signing up as a member.

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