Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Thrill of Collectable Magazine Auctions

Buying and selling rare magazines in a room full of collectors – Heaven!

Welcome Auction Houses
In a recent press release, The Magazine Collector posed the question: When it comes to collectable aviation magazines, are you a picker or hoarder? If you want to really appreciate what being a picker is all about, there’s no better arena than the floor of a live, real-time collectable-magazines auction.

In no other environment can a collector examine the goods being offered up for sale. Critical issues of condition are dispelled because the goods are available for viewing and inspection before the bidding starts. That’s something important that is totally lost with most online auctions. Those run by legitimate auction houses that have qualified personnel who clearly and correctly describe the true condition of an item definitely add value to the needs of the serious collector.

The conscientious commitment to collecting things that characterizes pickers manifests itself in an offline auction. The tension inherent in competitive bidding can fill the room with Tesla levels of electricity.

The auction floor is also a forum for meeting other collectors. Discussing magazines with other collectors, exchanging ideas and news – these are benefits that can only happen in a room full of serious collectors. A live auction is picker paradise!

Online auctions just don’t cut it, although they can be fun. The Magazine Collector website’s function as a communal watering hole where collectors can gather online will never compare to a live auction, of course. But this online community does fill a social networking gap in communicating with like-minded collectors.

This website is open to auction houses wishing to promote their events and other collector services. Our founder is an acknowledged rare books and periodicals collector. Also, being a retired aviation publisher and editor also helps keep The Magazine Collector focused.

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